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Type of Event - Truck Driver Event
Date - 23rd November, 2012
Duration - 1100 hours to 1600 hours
Venue - Truck Parking, Ultratech Cement Works, Awarpur, Chandrapur

On 23rd November 2012 the league hosted a one day Truck Driver Event at Awarpur. 205 people participated in the event. Out of which 175 were truck drivers. The Event was conducted at the Ultratech Cement Works in Awarpur. Ultratech plant officials from various departments including logistics, admin, health and safety joined in the event, helping to make it extremely successful.

The drivers were given free health checkups including Blood Pressure, Weight and BMI tests. They also received Yoga training from qualified professionals. All the participants were given medical kits after their initial checkups. An AIDS awareness program was also given. And participants were treated to some delicious food to round up the event.

We displayed the MN31 cowl, MN40 and MN25 tipper. All of which gathered a tremendous response from the participants. Taking forward the success of the Outperformance League and taking forward our brand promise that OK is no longer OK.