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Type of Event - Inner Circle Event
Date - 21st December, 2012
Time - 1900 hours to 2300 hours
Venue - Hotel The Park, CBD-Belapur, Navi Mumbai

The members of the ‘Inner Circle’, an initiative under Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Outperformance League Program came together once again to discuss their diverse experiences of the transport industry. This platform was built for fleet owners to interact with interested stake holders from the industry. Coming together, to fuel fascinating conversations and healthy debates amongst its members, and share their wealth of knowledge and experience with each other for the greater good of the transport industry.

The first tipper event was held in Belapur, Navi Mumbai at the Park hotel on 21st December, 2012. 18 participants from 9 unique entities attended the event. Mr. Ravi Agarwal gave the welcome address and Mr. Piyush Chaturvedi (Sr. Vice President, Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.) opened the discussion on “Future trends in infrastructure and its impact in boosting the role of tippers.”
Mr. Chaturvedi spoke about Reliance Infrastructure’s upcoming and ongoing projects in road transportation. Including cement and power plants where requirements for such vehicles are high. He also mentioned they work through Contract companies who in turn work with Fleet Owners to service their requirements.

Customers actively took part and shared their views on the subject during the discussion. They debated on delayed payments from Reliance, rate challenges etc. They questioned the differences in MTBL’s Tippers vs. other competitive brands. Both Amit Gupta and Balamurali explained the features and benefits of higher HP, Torque from MN35 Tipper and asked customers to go for trials. Driver shortage was prominently discussed. One Fleet Owner even promised to buy a MTBL truck if he was provided special drivers for these vehicles.
Sanjay Gogri from Bharti Infrastructure suggested we package a Screwjack with the Tipper as a freebie. As most Tipper tyres get punctured, this would help solve punctures quickly. He also appreciated the fact that MTBL is doing OPL events and driver training initiatives. He also requested for more marketing so people were aware about this great initiative.

The MN-31 Haulage Tipper was launched. Mr.Piyush Chaturvedi cut the ribbon and unveiled the MN31HT /DI3200T. Customers were enthusiastic to view the vehicle and few of them even sat in the cabin to get a feel of the truck. This led to generation of enquiries as well. Mr.Vinod Nawany (M/s. Nawany Corp (I) Ltd.) showed keen interest in the MN-31Haulage Tipper and asked for its price as well. Also Mr.Chandan Patil of M/s. Manoj Enterprise showed interest in the MN-25Tipper(CBC) as he has an urgent requirement of concrete mixer.

The event focused on pertinent industry topics garnering great audience participation. Many fleet owners said that they were happy that MTBL has taken this unique step to improve the Indian transportation industry by instituting the Inner Circle program. The entire event proved to be yet another successful Truck and Bus division experience.