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Type of Seminar - Automobile Carrier
Date - 20th November, 2013
Venue - Hotel Galaxy, Gurgaon

Outperformers’ League (OPL) is an exclusive platform that provides an opportunity to the fleet owners to meet, interact and share information with each other and the other stakeholders of the trucking industry. The next session of the knowledge sharing OPL seminar took place at Hotel Galaxy in Gurgaon on 20th November, 2013. The seminar focused on Automobile carrier segment and was attended by 68 customers who included renowned fleet owners and financiers.

Mr. R Mohan – Senior General Manager - Sales, Truck and Bus division gave a detailed presentation on OPL explaining the various initiatives and benefits associated with the same.

This was followed by presentations made by two highly motivational and eminent speakers. The 1st speaker for the evening was Mr. Sushil Rathi – Sr. Vice President, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Logistics; who gave an overview on the automobile carrier segment. Through his presentation he made the customers aware of the current overview and emerging opportunities and challenges in auto transportation. His detailed presentation was highly informative and much appreciated by the audience.

The 2nd motivational speaker for the evening was Mr. Vijay Batra from Think Inc., whose session focused on how to motivate transport employees and drivers. His session was not only interactive but also helped the audience learn and understand the importance of self-belief and outperformance in every aspect of life.

The seminar provided an exclusive platform to the various fleet owners to closely interact with other customers, industry experts, officials from the Truck and Bus division team and the Dealer Sales team.

Following the seminar, the customers were all praise for the Gurgaon OPL.
Some customer testimonials are as under:

  • Mr. Amit Shrawat –JSP Express
    “Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. is changing the perception of the Indian Trucking Industry. Through this forum Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. is teaching its competitors a good implementation of ATL & BTL promotion””
  • Mr. Dinesh Sherawat –DTS (Dinesh Transport Service)
    “A knowledgeable forum backed up with latest equipments. First time I am realizing that transport industry is changing. We should always attend this type of program to gain intangible benefits”
  • Mr. Ashok Dhingra – DGFC (Delhi Gujarat Freight Carrier)
    “Good positioning of Brand coupled with good speakers and ambience. Going forward, I am 100% sure that Truck and Bus division will soon increase their bottom line”

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