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Access to customers

- Platform for Fleet owner-Transport service user (TSU) meeting.

Get enhanced business perspective

- Keep up with industry updates/policy changes.
- Interact with policy makers and influencers.
- Understand industry trends and best practices.

Access to better and low-cost funding

- Get information on funding options, costs, etc.
- Easier access to multiple funding institutions.

Continuous engagement opportunity with all trucking industry stakeholders

- Fleet owners, Fleet operators, Fleet managers, Brokers, Financiers, Insurers,
  Drivers, Mechanics, Regulatory bodies, Associations, etc.

Better driver management and productivity

- Training and certifications for driving next-gen. vehicles for drivers.
- Health and family programs for drivers.

Extended programs for Fleet owners and family

Exclusive membership and associated privileges

OPL’s Activities


- Road shows, melas, events sponsorships and exhibitions.
- Workshops, seminars and training programs.
- Networking events.
- Industry Periodical/Journal offering news, research reports, best practices for
  circulation to subscribing members.


- Communication with online members and linkages to global transportation community
- Online forums (knowledge sharing platform), announcement of events and activities,
  online library of case studies, white papers, etc.
- Webcast interactions using tools such as Webinars Online training with review   modules, online tests and certifications.


- Partner with reputed universities / management institutes / training agencies to offer   career oriented courses for interested students, vocational courses for
  transportation professionals and leadership programs for senior managers.
- Collaborate with transportation forums in other countries for exchange of ideas and   resources.