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Type of Event -Fleet Truck Driver Event - One day event
Date -17th September,2012
Venue - The Automobiles Technical Association Hall, Vijaywada

The event started at 11:00 am and enaded at 3 pm. A total of 108 truck drivers attended the event. There was also participation from a local dealer named Kishore, AGM ( Varun motors)

Program Highlights

  • Inauguration & Welcome speech by Mr. Shailendra jadhav
  • Health Check Up- including Blood pressure, Weight and BMI Checkup
  • YOGA Training
  • A social message of HIV awareness was conveyed through a Skit Performance on Driver’s Life.
  • Distribution of Medical Kits to all the drivers who attended the event
  • Lunch was provided to all the attendees of the event.

The event served to be a good interaction with fleet drivers community.