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Type of Seminar - Steel and Iron Ore
Date - 2nd September, 2014
Venue - The Alcor, Jamshedpur

Outperformers’ League (OPL) is an opportunity experienced by various fleet owners to meet, interact and share information with different stakeholders of the trucking industry. The next platform of knowledge sharing involved 90 fleet owners, body builders and financiers meeting at The Alcor hotel located at Jamshedpur on 2nd September, 2014. The seminar focused on Steel and Iron ore segment.

Mr. Kailash Hegde, Key Account Manager (East), Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. – Truck and Bus Division gave a detailed presentation on OPL explaining the various initiatives and customer benefits associated with OPL.

Tyre Industry Expert, Mr. Pradip C. Varaiya was the first speaker for the evening. He educated the audience with tips about maintenance and upkeep of tyres leading to improvement in operational efficiency. A tyre is one of the most important part of any vehicle and if maintained well can reap extra profits. Mr. Varaiya explained this in detail through his highly interactive and informative session.

Motivational Speaker, Mr. Vijay Batra inspired the audience with his motivational speech, helping them learn and understand importance of self belief and outperformance.

The powerful TORRO 25 and TRUXO 31 were on display for the customers to have a closer look.

The seminar provided a connect to the fleet owners with other customers, industry experts, officials from the Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. - Truck & Bus Division team and Sant Autos (Authorized Dealer – Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. – Truck and Bus Division).

The eminent speaker personalities helped the audience gain tyre maintenance tips and outperformance techniques. Following the seminar the customers were all praise for the Jamshedpur OPL. With optimistic viewpoint this chapter of the OPL seminar was truly a successful one.

Speaker - Mr. Vijay Batra Customer registration process
Mr. Kailash Hegde - Mahindra Truck and Bus Product display
Speaker - Mr. Pradip Varaiya